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XtreamPonds to the Rescue

In the summer of 2014 I asked X-Stream Ponds to install their “pond bottom” filtration system to support my existing biofilter in my 2,000 gallon watergarden. I had used a similar concept years ago in an aquarium setup so that I could have cleaner water to encourage my angelfish to breed, with success.

After the system was added, my wife built a bog area which circulated water from the pond through the bog and back into the pond as a home for frogs and bog plants. Literally the next day after the bog was completed, disaster struck. The second monsoon rain in a two week period weakened the sides of my pond, and the sides collapsed into the pond. After doing all that I could to save my fish and waterlilies, I called and bemoaned my situation. He came over and helped me with my recovery efforts and we discussed options to rebuild the pond.

In draining the pond, I found that the skimmer was leaking water into the surrounding soil and that the pond pump broke during the process. X-Stream Ponds was instrumental in getting the new pump and we decided on a course of action. The original pond builders had not reinforced the sides of the pond which directly led to the disastrous collapse in the monsoon. X-Stream Ponds poured cement footers reinforced with rebar around the perimeter of the pond to ensure the pond would hold up. In the process, he had to widen the pond to find solid ground for the footers. This had a positive side effect in that it added about 250 gallons to the pond. Then, they built the beautiful stone surround for the waterfall.

The result was truly breathtaking. Our pond is a delight, my waterlilies have recovered and we added new koi to restock our “herd”. X-Stream Ponds additional filtration system has given us wonderful waterclarity allowing us unobstructed viewing of our fish and plants.

My wife and I spend time at the pond every day.

- Michelle Vermuele

"My backyard is my haven at the end of the day. It is a place where I can breathe, restore and appreciate the beauty surrounding me. X-Stream Ponds has been reliable since the first day he gave me his recommendations for maximizing the efficiencies for my pond. His passion for working with the delicate balance between the unique eco systems of ponds with plant and animal life, has contributed to many mornings and evenings of simply enjoying my backyard oasis......knowing everything is flowing and working in balance! I would recommend X-Stream Ponds to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and professional resource for pond care!"

Michelle Vermuele

"I contracted with X-Stream Ponds of Tucson to rebuild a two tier pond in my back yard. Within twenty four hours of the site visit, I received an estimate. He started the job on time, completed it on time and kept me updated on progress. The finished product is beautiful and much more than I expected. X-Stream Ponds did an awesome job and I would not hesitate to recommend his company. Thank you. "

- Linda Lewis

"X-Stream Ponds did a great job renovating the filtration system of our pond. The water is clear now and maintenance is down to a minimum. They were professional, caring and easy to talk to. I would recommend this business to anyone interested in building and/or improving pond performance."

- Karen Riggs